On Choosing the Best Marketing Automation Platform

MHDG Staff Marketing Automation

When you’ve made the decision to pursue a marketing automation platform for your business, you’ll immediately be thrown into paralysis of analysis, trying to evaluate an overwhelming amount of options out there. There are dozens, if not hundreds of tools available, every one of them doing whatever they can to get in front of you and win your business. On top of that, the disjointed and often overlapping use of the terms email marketing, marketing automation, sales enablement, and CRM make these choices even more difficult to sift through.

Often, you’ll end up looking for your peers advice or do Google searches for and you’ll get a wide array of answers, some with heavy doses of bias, others less so.

Ultimately though, one persons preference is just that, their preference. Based on their unique business case or experience, and not necessarily yours.

When we do platform selections for our clients, here are a few of the questions we typically ask our clients at MH Digital Group to get to the bottom of the best platforms for our clients, to then use our experience to make a recommendation and help them move through the implementation process:

  1. What problems are you looking to solve with marketing automation?
  2. Are you a B2B or B2C (or a combination of both) business?
  3. Do you offer Products? Services? Both?
  4. What is the size of your Sales Team?
  5. What is the size of your Marketing Team?
  6. What content do you offer in the Marketing Funnel?
  7. How complex is your Sales Process?
  8. Do you have any CRM or E-Commerce Platform you’re embedded in?
  9. What other tools are you leveraging?
  10. What is your marketing automation budget?
  11. How tech savvy is your team? Will they need ongoing training?
  12. Have you used marketing automation in the past? Which platforms did you use and not like?

If you can answer all of those questions, at that point, you can evaluate one platform vs. another.

There are still a ton of options to sort through, and of course, then you’ve got to create a migration and implementation plan to make the transition, then set up the proper segments and workflows to actually start to leverage the platform.

At MHDG, we’ve worked with dozens of organizations to migrate platforms, and know the important questions to ask to translate your answers to those questions into a platform perfectly suited to your business needs.

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